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Rack cards are another alternative for your business fame to speak aloud. Rack cards are generally positioned in the counters and racks. We print custom designed Custom rack cards printing on high quality stock. Perforated Rack Cards are smaller in size than standard brochure or flyer but they have very unique impression with a tearable portion. Usually rack cards are meant for quick consumption and convey the information at a glance. They are custom designed in such a way to be more eye catching and to grab customer's initial interest and get them curious to seek more information about the business /services being promoted. Promotional Rack Cards are similar to single page brochures which are put at the counters or lobbies of hotels, brochure racks at the airports or even on public places like railway/bus stations.


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Rack Cards Printing



Rack cards are mostly being used for promotion of your business or services in specific public places and counters in restaurants, stores, hotels, landmarks and rest areas.  They have a standard size of 4" x 9" and are printed usually on card stock. You can order us cheap rack cards on glossy paper stock or on card stock.


Color rack cards are particularly suitable for sales promotions and advertising campaigns where brilliant colors and sharpness is desired. These rack cards are proven to be both catchy and speedy in sales activities. A variety of stocks are available !

Cheap Online Rack Cards Printing


Standard Size    4" x 9". Custom sizes are available
Stock    14pt card stock
Printing    Full color.



If you are unable to find the required specifications Click here to get a custom quote or ask our Live Support team.  You can also call us at 647-477-1791 for further assistance.

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Making Your Rack Cards Unique:


 You can make your custom rack cards look unique by graphically design them in such a way that at first glance these should look very eye catching and vibrant. Rack cards are placed in such place where there is a lot of passer by. And Custom rack cards attract the walking by consumers or general public and are picked up.


Usual sizes are 4 x 9 rack card printed both sides, however you can have these made in your own size of choice. These should not be too big, nor these should be so small that they don't get noticed. If you are in a business where you need public to sign up for your service then perforated rack cards are your best option. In perforated rack cards, you can keep a small stub that is perforated for easy tearing. Perforated part can be a coupon to be used at some local chain, discount coupon to be used at a party or restaurant , a discount card for a movie or theater, a sign up card that needs filled by customer and submitted back to buy your services at gym, aerobic classes or dancing class. Rack cards with perforation not only attract public but also engage them in filling out the stub or in keeping the stub for next time use. It helps outrageously to increase the return customers and spread out your business name.


You do not need to stick to standard layouts either. You may order us custom rack cards in horizontal layout. Our horizontal rack cards, not only allow you to unleash the graphical creativity but also, it helps let us design it right according to your promotional theme, in case we are designing it for you. Feel free to throw us your ideas of horizontal rack cards by help you drawing, copying any images if you have or simply writing briefly and shooting all in one email to us. Our in-house graphic designer will draw a attractive and unique layout for your horizontal rack cards.


Rack cards always work for you, no matter what type of business you are in. We make custom rack cards for each type of services or business. We have hotel rack cards for you to put in your hotel lobby and to attract your guests with lucrative deals you offering. We have Spa rack cards to promote all your spa offers and deals. You can turn your walk ins into permanent customers by offering them further discounted services. Start a chat or give us a call to discuss layout for your spa rack cards to start promotions.


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